INconnect doubles assembly capacities

geschrieben am 29. March 2021 um 13:02 Uhr

INconnect is investing in the future of glass expansion. With additional blow-in equipment, drawing machines and GPS measuring rods, we are meeting the growing demand for qualified partners for the planning and construction of fiber optic networks throughout Germany.

New blowing devices and drawing machines for cable laying

In fiber optic expansion projects, INconnect not only handles the rough and approval planning, the technical planning and the support and monitoring, but in many cases also the laying itself. In March, we purchased new blowing equipment and drawing machines to meet the growing demand. From open trenching to flush drilling and trenching, we can thus offer our customers a portfolio that is always optimally tailored to the specific situation on site. The new injection devices use compressed air to push the microcables into the pipes. Working with compressed air creates hardly any friction - so laying is particularly efficient.

Precise measurements and forested and mountainous regions

Germany is a geographically diverse country with many forested and mountainous areas, which is a challenge for fiber optic expansion. To master these, we need not only our experience from similar areas, but also modern technology capable of mapping this geographic diversity. With the acquisition of new GPS measuring rods, we are also surveying mountainous and heavily forested regions precisely and creating the conditions for fast and professional fiber optic rollout with accurate technical planning.

Fiber optic expansion in Germany: INconnect shapes the digital future

In a European comparison of fiber optic expansion, Germany is still lagging behind most EU countries. But the expansion is picking up speed. In 2020, 4.8% of households in Germany will be connected to the fiber optic network - in 2019, the figure was still less than half at 2.3%.  By investing in additional assembly technology, INconnect is helping to accelerate the nationwide expansion of the fiber-optic network in Germany. By doubling its assembly capacity, INconnect will be able to support even more regions in the expansion of the fiber-optic network in the future.