Broadband expansion in Bad Dürkheim

geschrieben am 7. December 2020 um 14:52 Uhr

Bad Dürkheim is getting ready for the challenges of digital transformation - and INconnect is helping. Since 01.04.2020, we have been supporting the district with the technical planning and approval planning, surveying and documentation of the broadband expansion. In total, lines are being laid on a civil engineering route of 165 km. By the end of 2021, a total of more than 25,000 people and companies will have a broadband connection.

Comprehensive broadband coverage for business and private households

Bad Dürkheim is a 600 km² district in Rhineland-Palatinate with 64000 households in 48 communities. Expansion in the region is taking place as part of the digital strategy of the state and federal governments, which envisages nationwide broadband Internet coverage of 1Gbit/s for businesses and 50Mbit/s for private households. 50Mbit/s is the minimum. As a rule, private households will also receive faster lines of up to 1Gbit/s.  The expansion is not carried out by the district, but by a locally strong network operator.

In addition to private households, regional companies are the focus of the expansion. With its roots in viticulture, agriculture and tourism, Bad Dürkheim is a key location for the regional economy, which is dependent on fast, stable Internet lines in the course of the digital transformation in order to remain competitive. The expansion offers existing companies a competitive digital infrastructure, but also increases Bad Dürkheim's overall attractiveness as a business location.

INconnect takes over approval planning for broadband expansion in Bad Dürkheim

As part of the approval planning process, we are directly on site in Bad Dürkheim, talking to the stakeholders and, above all, to the authorities. We obtain statements and approvals to create the conditions for successful construction. With simply structured documents that meet the official requirements, we make communication efficient and keep the approval process short.

Technical planning and documentation under difficult conditions

In technical planning and surveying, we have to take Bad Dürkheim's specific structure into account. The district has a diverse landscape. The west is mountainous and sparsely populated, while the flat east is home to many cities and towns. While we are not involved in the direct expansion, we will continue to be active with our staff until the end of the project in order to document the expansion and bring it to a timely completion at the end of 2021.

Bad Dürkheim on the way to a digital future

25,000 people and many businesses will have access to a fast, modern broadband connection by the end of the year. For private individuals, this means a piece of social participation; for companies, the fiber-optic network is the basis for mastering the challenges of digital transformation. We are pleased to support the broadband expansion in the Bad Dürkheim region with our expertise and thus help shape the future of the business location.