Charging infrastructure

Our experienced team offers comprehensive solutions for charging infrastructure expansion throughout Germany. We plan, build and refurbish charging stations and drive expansion in Germany. Thanks to our convenient locations, regional networking and efficient work processes, we can offer a wide range of customized services.

Conceptual design & consulting

The conceptual design of a charging infrastructure requires a comprehensive analysis of individual needs and requirements. Here, both the number and type of electric vehicles and the spatial conditions, such as the availability of power connections, must be taken into account. We therefore offer an introduction to the topic of electromobility and provide support in the early planning phase of the project. With the help of a site inspection, we not only take into account individual requirements and local conditions, but also provide customized concept planning and a rough cost estimate, on the basis of which well-founded decisions can be made and the full potential exploited.

Site acquisition

In addition to conducting needs assessments to identify traffic flows and commuter routes, our site acquisition efforts focus on frequented locations such as shopping centers, train stations, or parking lots. Once potential sites are identified, it is important to contact the owners of the space and reach an agreement to use the space as a location for a charging station. Here, it is important to create a win-win situation in that both the owner and the charging station operator benefit from the agreement. Overall, site acquisition for charging infrastructures requires a careful approach and close cooperation between different stakeholders in order to establish a well-functioning and comprehensive charging infrastructure.

Planning and approval

The planning of charging infrastructures plays a crucial role in promoting electromobility in order to create an effective and future-oriented charging infrastructure. Various factors must be taken into account in order to determine the need for charging stations in the best possible way. Therefore, we provide support during the entire planning phase, starting with the on-site investigation up to the preparation of a first rough planning and elaboration of the later implementation planning. Furthermore we take over the contact with the responsible authorities. Here, various approval procedures such as building permits, environmental impact assessments and planning approval procedures have to be gone through.


As a general contractor, we accompany the entire construction process and ensure successful project completion. In addition to the coordination and organization of the construction site, this includes above all the supervision of the construction work in compliance with the currently applicable regulations and, last but not least, construction controlling.

Commissioning and electrical installation

The quality of a project goes hand in hand with experience and competence. Therefore, all electrotechnical aspects that arise in the context of the installation of a charging infrastructure are the responsibility of our experienced team, consisting of master electricians and installers. In addition to the potential expansion of the electrical pre-installations, this also includes the installation and commissioning of wallboxes and charging stations.

Wallboxes and charging stations

With us, you not only get the right charging hardware, but also comprehensive advice on your individual project. We support you in planning, installing and commissioning your own charging infrastructure and ensure that your requirements are met in the best possible way. Regardless of whether the required charging infrastructure is to cover the public sector, parking lots or residential properties, as an independent partner we offer the right charging hardware to meet all requirements.


In addition to the installation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure, we also offer comprehensive services in the areas of operation and billing. Our professional team ensures that charging stations function smoothly and is available at all times for any service requests. In addition, we take over the billing of the charging processes so that there is no additional expense for the customer and, above all, we guarantee transparent billing in addition to smooth operation.