FTTH expansion in Hamburg - fiber-optic network right into your living room

geschrieben am 7. December 2020 um 14:48 Uhr

When it comes to what can add value to society in the age of digitization, sooner or later you come up with fast, functioning Internet. At INconnect, we have made it our goal to provide both customers and society with this added value. For example, we are making our contribution to ensuring that fiber-optic networks become more and more of a reality in Hamburg.

Fast Internet is one of society's basic needs today. The new mobile communications standard 5G, together with the expansion of the fiber-optic network, is expected to pave the way for the "Internet of Things" at the heart of society. For more than 5 years now, we at INconnect have been using our expertise to ensure that infrastructure projects are implemented efficiently throughout Germany. We are doing our part to ensure that the NGA (next generation access) rollout is accelerated and fiber-optic networks are implemented in Hamburg. In the coming months, we will ensure that 15,000 households, and therefore more than 25,000 people, are supplied with high-speed Internet via FTTH. The abbreviation FTTH stands for "fiber to the home". Currently, the average Internet speed in Germany is just under 25 MBit/s. In the future, people with a fiber-optic connection will benefit from Internet speeds of up to 1 GBit/s, which is forty times faster.

Technical planning is already in full swing. The project envisages construction starting immediately after the explosive ordnance has been cleared. Due to the high number of bombs dropped on the city, these measures are absolutely necessary in Hamburg. From the ground-breaking ceremony onwards, we will be responsible not only for the practical implementation but also for the entire coordination and documentation of the project. The same applies to the monitoring of compliance with the execution regulations. At the beginning, distribution boxes are set up at strategic locations as nodes. From there, in the next phase of the project, the fiber optic cables are laid in underground pipes directly into private households. Different methods will be used depending on the local conditions. This ensures that listed buildings and infrastructure elements such as bridges are not damaged. In this way, the city of Hamburg is experiencing a homogeneous fusion between the past and the future with the expansion of FTTH.