Together, We Shape a Sustainable Future

geschrieben am 4. August 2023 um 08:38 Uhr

Since our establishment in 2015, INconnect has always had the future in mind. Originally active in fiber optic and broadband expansion, we made the strategic move into the electric mobility sector in 2021, in response to the growing demand for charging infrastructure and synergies with our existing business field. Today, we are proud to offer tailored solutions for e-mobility infrastructures.

Our goal is to make e-mobility accessible to everyone. At the heart of this endeavor is flexibility. As a service provider, we align ourselves with the individual needs of our customers. Our portfolio ranges from wall boxes for private use to hyperchargers for commercial projects.

However, we see ourselves not just as a provider of products, but as a comprehensive service partner. We guide our customers through the entire process, from planning to implementation of a charging infrastructure. Following careful location acquisition and needs analysis, we take care of planning, obtaining permissions, civil engineering, and the assembly and installation of the charging infrastructure. Furthermore, we ensure the maintenance of the installed facilities and provide comprehensive documentation.

As a special service, we also handle the complete billing process for our customers with their end customers. This allows our customers to fully focus on their core business while we ensure the smooth operation of the charging infrastructure.

Our steady expansion is a testament to our success and the trust we enjoy from our customers. With each new location, we move one step closer to our vision of e-mobility for all.

For us, sustainability is not just a business model, but a practiced reality. A few years ago, we began converting our fleet of company cars to hybrid vehicles. Today, about 80% of our company cars are hybrids. Our commitment to a sustainable future and our vested interest in a well-developed charging infrastructure go hand in hand.

With INconnect, you choose more than just a provider of charging infrastructures. You choose a partner who accompanies and supports you on your path towards a more sustainable future. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality, INconnect shows that e-mobility is more than just a trend - it's a movement that will transform every aspect of our lives.