Broadband expansion

The experience of our employees is the basis on which our core competence is built. Thanks to our long-standing local presence and extensive technical know-how, we implement unique solutions and continuously drive digitization in Germany. We offer nationwide planning, construction and refurbishment of telecommunications lines. Thanks to conveniently located sites, regional networking, lean structures and cost- and time-efficient and time-efficient work processes, we can offer a wide range of different services.


As an independent contact, we answer all questions relating to broadband expansion and funding programs. With our expert knowledge, we support districts and municipalities in pushing for nationwide broadband coverage.


In the rough planning phase, the approximate route of the lines is sketched out as cost-effectively as possible. The rough planning then passes through the specialist departments for coordination and approval. At this stage, it is determined whether other divisions will also participate in the planned measure.


We provide high-quality 360° panoramic imagery that helps project-relevant staff, municipalities, and trail maintenance contractors access reliable imagery of urban and rural environments as needed.


In the course of approval planning, we obtain official statements, permits and approvals for the planned construction measures.

For this purpose, trained employees travel to the site and discuss the subsequent route with the responsible road maintenance authorities in order to work out an optimal route for both sides.

We are committed to efficient approval procedures with application documents that are prepared in a clear and concise manner and precisely tailored to the specific requirements of the authorities.


We prepare structural, rough, detailed and network plans with comprehensive documentation for construction according to individual needs, including splice and installation plans, Determination of material requirements as well as calculation of costs at the highest level.

Due to our continuous development and training, projects are realized exclusively with suitable CAD programs and with the help of the most modern GIS systems. Compliance with funding guidelines and the associated GIS ancillary provisions for both ourselves and our clients is indispensable.


We accompany construction measures on site and take over not only the coordination and organization of the construction site, but also the monitoring of the construction and compliance with of the execution regulations as well as the acceptance and documentation within the scope of the red correction.

Civil Engineering

According to the different conditions we offer different cable laying methods. In addition to the classic open construction method, we also use alternative laying methods such as flush drilling or Trench and modern drilling, cable pulling and cable blowing techniques with precisely calibrated equipment.


The quality of a net is largely determined by the materials used and the expert workmanship in splicing and installation.

In this context, our professional assembly in the copper and fiber optic area, together with the peripheral electrical components, is the key to nationwide broadband expansion.

Our services range from the assembly of the components, to the blowing in of the micro-cables, to the splicing and measurement of the installed lines.


We create topographic surveys and routing of supply and disposal lines. The precise position and height measurements, which are collected by means of GPS and total stations, are processed according to your individual requirements for further use in geographic information systems and CAD applications.


We document completed construction projects quickly and reliably in the various geoinformation systems using red corrections. Backed by the technical expertise of our documenters, we provide first-class and error-free data capture.